Visit of the parks

The Pamplemousses Gardens - North

The public garden, a few kilometers from Port Louis, the most important botanical garden on the island and famous for the many species of plants that grow there, including the giant water lilies in the Amazon and many species of palm trees. You can take a guide at the entrance of the park, which for a few rupees you will visit interesting and informative of the garden.

Casela - wild animal park - North West

Located in the district of Black River this ornithological park extends over 25 hectares and has more than 140 species of birds from the five continents. In the park are also located in other animals such as tigers, giant tortoises and monkeys. A few km from Casela is located the famous seaside resort of Flic en Flac where is my personal residence ( exact address: Residence Ocean dreams - Avenue of Colibri Flic en Flac) Discard y a glance if you have the time, it is a high residence in beige color

The Vanilla Crocodile Park - Center

Created in 1984 for the breeding of crocodiles in Madagascar, this natural reserve has become a zoo very attractive or crocodiles can be observed at several stages of poultry farms, giant tortoises, deer, monkeys, bats, lizards and other giant frogs.

Count 2 visiting hours approximately. It is open every day from 9h30 to 17h00. Entry: 240 rs in week and 180 at weekends.

You can hold a baby crocodile in the hand. Ability to mount on the back of turtles for photos

Black River Gorges National Park, and Alexandra Falls - Center West

The national park of the Gorges of Black River offers a breathtaking view on the inside of the land as well as on the west coast.

The National Park of the Gorges of Black River (more commonly known by its English name badge "Black River Gorges National Park" ), located on the heights of the Plaine Champagne, is the perfect place for hiking or simply stroll through in any tranquillity.

You can discover there the camphriers, "trees to dodo" ... and with luck you will find the stealth flights of the faune who found refuge in the depths of the National Park of the Gorges of Black River.

This wonderful forest reserve is one of the main natural curiosities of the Mauritian destination. A magnificent waterfall overlooks the park.

Chamarel - earth to 7 colors - South

A road all in turns leads to the village of Box Noyale and the colorful land of Chamarel, which are located 4 km south of the village of Chamarel. It is an area in the corrugated terrain to the contrasting colors. The phenomenon is of volcanic origin: it is in effect of ashes laid bare by the process of erosion, which are subdivided into carefully in sectors and of different strata, of areas blue, green, yellow, purple and red.

L’île aux cerfs – Center East

Un paradis pour la pratique des sports aquatiques et pour ceux qui aiment se relaxer au soleil : Ici se trouvent les plages les plus belles de l’île Maurice. Partez une journée sur l’île aux cerfs et offrez-vous un repas les pieds dans l’eau à déguster un plat de poisson grillé sous vos yeux, des ananas… L’île aux cerfs est accessible pour quelques euros en canots à moteur avec des départs toutes les heures.

Trou aux cerfs - Centre

A paradise for the practice of water sports and for those who like to relax in the sun: Here are the beaches the most beautiful on the island of Mauritius. Leave a day on the island to the deer and treat yourself to a meal the feet in the water to enjoy a dish of grilled fish under your eyes , pineapple ¦ The ile aux cerfs is accessible for a few euros in speedboats with departures every hour.

Great Basin - religious Site of Hindus - South

It is a basin of pilgrimage that the Hindu population of the island is doing to pay tribute to Hindu gods by throwing in the water of the oblations of food (fruit more often) and of flowers. The sensation of strong spirituality se breathes throughout the year. A giant statute of Shiva sits before its entry.


For my part, the most beautiful beaches are: Blue Bay, Flic en Flac, Pereybere, Grand Bay the resort the most tourist is Grand Bay (pub, bar, restaurant, casino, nightclub etc etc. )


The Caudan - north

The Caudan Waterfront, the complex of Port-Louis inaugurated in 1996, the Caudan Waterfront is quickly became a place of promenade, shopping and leisure obliged to Mauritius. The large complex of the Caudan Waterfront is located at the location of old wharves at the port of Port-Louis . Its surprising architecture involved in both the old and the modern, with its turrets and archways. There are shops of luxury

Markets - the large market in Port Louis - north

The markets of Mauritius Island offer a real preview of the local life mauritian. The island has many markets on the 4 corners of the territory: Mahebourg, Port-Louis , four terminals, Curepipe ... HAS Port louis, don't hesitate to negotiate the prices of half (see mm more, by saying that you find less expensive to side etc etc. ), they are highly malignant and tourists are therefore easy prey.

Market of Flacq – center East

Flacq is one of the villages the most important of the island. It is here that there is one of the largest open-air markets of the country. Very frequented by the premises and also by tourists, this market full of colors is located a short distance from the judiciary, an important historic building. The market is excellent for the purchase of spices and souvenirs and to admire the varied examples of humanities presented on the island (in particular Hindus and Muslims).

* Pay particular attention to your personal things in Port Louis


The ethnic diversity of the island promotes the culinary diversity and the fertilization process in any kind. The Mauritian cuisine is infused with flavors of european, creole, Indian or Chinese, in the image of its inhabitants. We can never tire of discovering ever new varied dishes and very fragrant. You can taste many dishes, pastries or spices all hippotherapy also the ones than the others.

Créole Dishes

Rougaille : Originating in the meeting, it is a red sauce spicy garlic, ginger and pepper, with a little bit of thyme, parsley, and Ajinomoto (sort of pepper). The basic element of the rougaille is the apple of love, local variety of tomato. In this sauce, it can also put meat, sausage, fish, salted fish, salted meat.

Vindaye : It is a sauce very spicy to base with garlic, ginger, saffron, small onions, pimentos, vinegar and oil of mustard. In the sauce, you can put the fish or octopus (ourite). We eat the vindaye with rice.

Pulses : The dry grains often accompany the caris and rougailles. There is a wide variety of grains such as lentils, the dholl, white beans or red or pale, the Large peas, green peas or yellow. These grains are typically prepared with fricassee

Indian and Muslim Dishes

Le Carry et le Cari : The carry is a sauce containing chili and other spices such as saffron, coriander, ginger, pepper and garlic. The cari is the dish with this sauce with meat, game, fish or vegetables. It serves generally this dish with rice.

Briani : Muslim dish of North India based on rice spicy in which you can put the Cabri, beef, deer , chicken or fish. The rice is prepared with garlic, ginger, saffron oriental, chervil, mint, cumin and cinnamon. We added also of potatoes and eggs.

Les Achards de légumes : These are the vegetables (cauliflower, cabbage, green beans, carrots, eggplant ... ) that it is dry before mixing in a sauce prepared with mustard, saffron, green peppers, onions, vinegar and mango.

Dholl Puri, Faratas : Salted pancakes to taste in the bazaars. Donuts, cake with Chilies, Samoussas

Chinese Dishes

Bol Renversé : Rice prepared with beef or chicken, Chinese sausage, pork, mushrooms, eggs, spices: hearty !

Le Poisson Aigre Doux ; The chicken to the three marvels, The Foo-Yang . This meals are generally served with mines fried (fried noodles) or fried rice or Cantonese.

Seasonal Fruits

Lychees, mangoes, pineapples ….